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Q) How long does it take to tint the car?
A) An average sedan takes between 1.5 to 2 hours. We like to keep your car for a minimum of 4hrs to be sure it goes out without any problems. If old film needs to be removed it can take up to several hours longer.

Q) I have been quoted $180 for a lifetime tint by someone else. Why?
A) There are numerous operators offering cheap tinting. Unfortunately they do not offer legitimate warranties and a warranty is only as good as the company who gives it. Solartint has been operating in Australia for over 29 years. You can trust us to guarantee the product you pay for. Some companies avoid warranty obligations by changing their trading name, so always ask, “How long has the company been trading and has it changed names recently?” 

Q) I have been quoted considerably more by a large company for the top of the range. Why?
A) Unlike other large organisations Solartint is NOT a franchise, therefore our branches don`t pay exorbitant monthly franchise fees or royalties thus eliminating the need to pass on those ridiculous costs to our customers. In short, Solartint offers customers the best products at the best possible prices. 

Q) I have seen some cars on the road with bubbly tint. Why?
A) Cars fitted with plastic or dyed film will all eventually bubble and blister. It is not the quality of the installation, it is simply a low-end product that only lasts a maximum of 3 to 5 years. Prior to today’s metalised tints, all films were plastic or dyed. 

Q) What if I have two cars. Is there a discount?
A) Yes! If you purchase the top of our range film and have 2 cars both tinted on the same day, we will give you $50 discount off the total cost. Please feel free to contact us in regard to discounts on any other film choice.

Q) Will Solartint match any other offers or quotes?
A) Unfortunately, the market today is flooded with cheap low quality window film. It is only after the film is applied and you have driven away that you realise the poor quality of these products. If a cheaper film is what you prefer then we have cheaper options. A general rule with window tinting is, “you get what you pay for”. We have a range of films that are sure to match your budget. We believe in our products and feel we have fair and reasonable pricing. 

Q) Will the film go all the way to the edge and will the rear window be in one piece?
A) We try not to take the film to the very edge of the glass because it has a tendency to lift as it is rubbing on the inside rubber constantly. We do get it as close as possible with an average gap of 1mm. On 95% of vehicles the rear window can be installed in one piece. The exception to this is a few rare vehicles where this procedure is not possible.

Q) Do we provide a mobile service?
A) Unfortunately we don’t offer a mobile service in the ACT. We are able to control the conditions in our workshop’s and provide you with a great job without the worry of challenging mobile conditions.    The added bonus is that we have a branch to service our customer’s at Belconnen which is within walking distance to Westfield Belconnen and bus services. You can drop your car in and go watch a movie or shop ’til you drop!


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How long does it take to tint the car?

An average sedan takes between 1.5 to 2 hours. We like to keep your car…


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Have a question? Here we give you the answer!  Q) How long does it take…